Why Become an ASA Shop?

Why Become an ASA Shop | Automotive Service Association of ArizonaAll of us are in business to provide goods and services to the motoring public and to provide a living for our families. Unfortunately, in today's economy it is not enough to hang out a sign and serve our customers well in order to prosper. We must also stay aware of changes in the industry that affect our bottom line. We need to be sure we understand all of the requirements and regulations imposed by various government agencies. We have to stay on top of changes in technology and keep our employees trained. Finally, we need to control our costs where ever possible.

ASA-AZ was founded on the principle that by joining together we can advance the common interests of all our members.


Nationally, we have representation based out of Washington, DC. Issues are researched and grassroot efforts are put in place to contact our local congressmen. Information is distributed and posted on the website: www.takingthehill.com

Statewide, we have a professional staff that is your representative at the Arizona Legislature. In addition, the staff will research your questions about the law and regulations and get you the answers you need. Our goal is to promote changes that will safeguard your independence and your ability to run a successful business.


Management and Technical Training is offered locally, saving you time and money from traveling out of state.

The Automotive Training & Expo offers additional opportunities for management and technical training along with opportunities to network with owners from shops around the state. This is the biggest gathering of shop professionals in Arizona.

  • The Automotive Management Institute (AMi) is the leading provider of management education for the automotive service and collision repair industry. Whether developing your staff or your personal professional credentials, AMi’s industry-recognized programs provide the learning and knowledge to remain competitive and relevant. Tested core competencies provide consistency with the foundational knowledge needed to be successful while elective requirements allow flexibility to address an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Combined, someone presenting AMi credentials should have well rounded industry-driven knowledge in the area of recognition they hold. http://www.amionline.org/about-us
  • ASA National - The Automotive Service and Repair Week in the fall is the premier event of the industry. The CARS - Congress of Automotive Repair & Service and the NACE - National Autobody Congress & Exposition are part of this event. To view more information, visit: http://asashop.org/education-events/regionalevents/
  • Chapters: Chapters around the state hold meetings and offer local speakers and information exchange. Current Chapters include: Mohave, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, Verde Valley, Yuma and the Grand Canyon Chapter which includes members around the state who are not part of any other chapter. http://asaaz.memberzone.com/events


We are committed to communicating all the important news and information that you need. Our web site, www.asaaz.org, is updated regularly with new and useful information. News releases and E-blasts are sent out regularly on critical issues of the industry.

Name Recognition and Awareness

ASA is a brand name that will elevate the confidence that consumers have in your shop. The ASA name promotes industry professionalism and positive image and demonstrates quality service and ethical business practices.

Member Benefits

What's in it for me seems to be the phrase we hear the most. Sometimes it's difficult to figure out the return on membership dues when many of the benefits are intangible. It is quite possible that by taking advantage of these savings you will more than cover the cost of your annual dues. As we grow, the board and staff will continue to evaluate and add benefits that will bring you additional savings. Associate members are vendor members that provide a product/service to our members and also support the activities of the association. Click here to see our list of current benefits.

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