Arizona Automotive Training & Expo    

June 9, 10, 11, 2017

WeKoPa Resort & Conference Center

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 Friday, June 10, 2016

7:30 AM Golf—Shotgun Start

WeKoPa Golf Club

18200 East Toh Vee Circle

Fort McDowell, AZ  85264



Concurrent Sessions (select 1 in each time slot)

1:00 – 4:00 PM Training


Collision: Position Yourself in the Collision Repair Shop

Mike Anderson—Collision Advice

A unique look at how a collision repair facility can overcome the challenges of today’s marketplace by focusing on the business analysis metaphor of the three-legged stool:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Production
  • Accounting, Finance & Human Resource


Collision—ICAR Class

Vehicle Technology & Trends 2016 (New16)


Management  - Hiring in 2016


Maylan Newton—ESI

Following up on the popular Hiring 101 & 201:  We all have done it, hired the wrong employee. Learn the basics of hiring the “right” employee. What should you ask, what should you know to get the right person for the job. Make it a reality by learning the testing techniques required to get the right people, and then learn how to hold on to those people! What questions can you ask? What should you ask and what you need to know to have great employees?


Management -

Pricing Out Service to Protect GP

(Owners / Managers)

Braden Poole—Honest 1 Auto Care

Pricing Out Service to Protect GP

  • How to properly price out labor and parts
  • Concepts on selling more diagnostic labor
  • What is shop capacity
  • RLR (realized labor rate)
  • Productivity, tech performance,
  • what to measure, setting expectations
  • Driving and protecting car count (this is not a advertising presentation)
  • Customer retention marketing
  • What do you do when the shops slow?
  • Know your numbers
  • Review key performance indicators that reflect success and failure


Service Advisors—15 Seconds to Yes!

Jeremy O’Neal—AdvisorFix

What do you do when a customer says no to a sale? Many times the first no is just a test from the customer.

However, many service advisors don’t know how to get beyond the first no without putting undo pressure on the customer to buy. You’ll leave with a complete system to help you move beyond the first no in a non-threatening way that will assist you in closing more sales.


Technical—Modern Diagnostic Routines: The Pressure is On

Jerry Baarson—Carquest Technical Institute

In this installment of modern diagnostic routines, we will take an in depth look at the wide variety of diagnostic information waiting to be tapped with a pressure transducer. We will explain how to diagnose drivability concerns using the vacuum signals present in the intake, crankcase and the pressure signatures in the exhaust system and the fuel rail. Quickly gain diagnostic direction by tapping into these information pressure and vacuum sources.


4:00 – 5:30 PM  - Presentations


The Power of Automating Shop Processes

Frank Dragoni—Bolt On Technologies

Maximize your shop management and customer retention efforts with an advanced multi-point inspection strategy. Learn how to save time and generate more business by focusing specifically on shop efficiency and selling more services. Gain 100% accuracy of all customer & vehicle records, schedule more appointments—faster than ever before, and increase ARO revenue and car count by improving customer trust.


The ROI of Having ASE Certifications

Walt Commans—Automotive Service Excellence

  • Learn about the new L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Certification
  • Changes in the L1 Advanced Smog Certification
  • Test Taking Tips—an in-depth look at the question styles, how to approach and analyze each type of ASE test question for better results.


Distracted Driving…

What is Important to You?

Chris Caves—Federated Insurance

Not only is distracted driving a serious problem, it’s an epidemic. With each new mobile device, the potential for behind- the-wheel distractions increase and so does your business’s exposure to risk. This discussion will address how to implement a mobile device/driving policy at your company, educate your employees on this hazard, and introduce you to technology solutions which can aid in restricting mobile phone use in vehicles. It’s up to each of us to make ending distracted driving a priority—the lives of everyone important to us may depend on it.


5:30 – 7:00 PM  Welcome Reception

Relax and unwind with appetizers and adult  beverages. Meet the speakers, vendors and attendees.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

7:15—8:15 AM   Breakfast & Welcome

Speaker:  ASA National State of the State


8:30 – 11:30 – Training Classes


Collision—ICAR Class (Full Day Class)

Ford F-150 All Aluminum (FOR06)


Collision (Full Day Class)

Mike Anderson—Collision Advice

 State of the Industry: Latest industry trends and statistics.  What are the “Best of the Best” repairers doing in terms of cycle time, touch time and much more.

Write-it-Right Best Practices—The Mechanics of Estimating.  Improve your cycle time, reducing friction in your negotiation process with insurers and improving their CSI.  How to use technology to write more complete and accurate estimates and to understand what resources are available.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know—Mike will challenge you to recognize that you don’t know everything and to use the best resources available to teach you what you don’t know. 

Mike will also present an overview of the “Who Pays For What Survey Results”.


Management - Marketing Without Price

Maylan Newton—ESI

 Why do we market?? This is one of the most misunderstood questions and answers we get daily. The actual answer is simply to make the phone ring! Join ESi as we talk about building value without going into pricing.


Service Advisor—Maintenance Profit Master

Jeremy O’Neal—AdvisorFix

The ultimate Service Advisors guide to selling maintenance on 2013 - 2016 model year vehicles. Bring your maintenance sales skills up to speed, learn the insiders secrets the dealership Service Advisors are using to sell maintenance on today's new vehicles. Students will get behind the scene access to what the top 1% of Service Advisors are doing to create massive profits selling maintenance on newer vehicles. Includes vehicle specific information for the following manufacturers; Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, & Nissan. Includes advanced sales guide to help you create additional profits from the first day back at the shop.


Technical—Diagnose and Repair Vehicle Networks

Calvin Higgins—Standard Motor Products

Late model vehicles have an amazing amount of computers onboard networked together using different protocols and configurations. A single sensor fault may set codes in multiple modules since the data is being shared over the network. Communication faults will often generate the dreaded U codes and at times a scan tool will not communicate with the vehicle at all.


Technical: Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics

Bob Pattengale-Bosch

This seminar will enable attendees to properly identify, diagnose and test most oxygen sensors on vehicles today.   Topics Covered:

  • Oxygen sensor design & theory
  • Oxygen sensor construction
  • Air Fuel Ratio and Wide Band Sensor
  • Sensor Diagnostics with Scan Tool and Labscope
  • Case Studies to Demonstrate Diagnostic Strategies.


Technical:  Fuel Trim II

Mark Warren—WorldPac

  •  MAP & MAF diagnostics
  • PCV Diagnostics
  • Fuel Trim EVAP Purge Effect
  • Diagnostic Strategies


Technical: Basic Hybrid Powertrains and ASE L3 Review (Full Day Session)

Jack Rosebro—Perfect Sky, Inc

A review of hybrid powertrain operation, diagnosis, and repair, and a discussion of the steps a shop can take to prepare for hybrid maintenance and repair. We'll study battery pack operation, inverter functions, motor-generator performance, DC-DC converter functions, and charging systems for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Examples of properly and improperly diagnosed hybrids will be presented.   The course will wrap up with a couple of case studies of vehicles diagnosed by the instructor, and a review of the task list for the ASE L3 Light Duty Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Specialist Test.


11:30 –1:30 PM Expo / Lunch /Keynote


Paul Bellows

How to “Be Good @ Doing Good”  - The 12 Core Principles of Creating a Sustainable, Scalable, Profitable and Giving Business!

As a professional speaker and facilitator, it is a unique thrill seeing an audience progress from information to awareness, from knowledge to understanding.  Paul launched his first business - a restaurant - in the 1980’s while he was a student at the University of Arizona. In the 1990’s, Paul purchased a high-tech company, which he built into a global leader and sold in 2005. Paul sold his second company – Strategy1 – a leading management consulting and leadership development firm, in 2012.


1:40– 5:00 PM Training Classes

Collision—ICAR Class

Ford F-150 All Aluminum (FOR06)

-Continued from morning presentation



Mike Anderson—Collision Advice


—Continued from morning presentation.


Who Pays for What Survey—Ever heard from an insurance appraiser, “You are the only one who asks to be paid for that?”  Find out the truth of who pay for what, based on quarterly surveys. Mike will introduce the four negotiating questions, raise your awareness of non-included labor operations and materials, you’ll walk away with more knowledge.

Brief presentation by Estify


Management:  Paul Bellows

The Purpose of Business: How to Attract and Retain Right-Fit Customers


Service Advisors—How to Double Your ARO with Waiter Oil Change Customers

Jeremy O’Neal—AdvisorFix 

Let’s face it, your toughest customer can be the waiter oil change. Not only does the customer have a small budget in mind, but they’re sitting there, analyzing your every move. They continually look at the clock and just want to get out of there. What if there was a way for you to double the amount of sales to a waiting oil change? There is! If you follow a step by step process with each waiting oil change every time, you’ll guarantee your success. Jeremy has perfected his system over the last 24 years and it works for quick lubes, franchises, independent repair shops, dealerships, and any shop that performs waiting oil changes. This course is guaranteed to increase your bottom line!


Technical: GM Drivability Solutions

Calvin Higgins—Standard Motor Products.

This class will focus on solving drivability faults in a logical manner using the available information and tools in the context of real world case studies. Learn verified diagnostic procedures for Variable Valve Timing, Electronic Throttle Control, Fuel Trim, Evaporative Systems, Active Fuel Management, Network Faults, and Ignition Systems.  Attend this class to learn about common failures and to improve your diagnostic abilities on GM systems.


Technical: Direct Injection

Technology Update

Bob Pattengale-Bosch

The demand for greater fuel efficiency and lower tailpipe emissions is pushing car manufacturers to develop new ideas and improve on existing combustion technology. We hear a lot about the progress of Hybrid and Electric vehicles, but you might be surprised to learn that vehicles equipped with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Diesel fuel systems are achieving great results and will make up 90% of the vehicles you will work on in the future. In this session you will learn how Bosch direct injection works and how the GDI and Diesel systems have more in common than ever before. Topics Covered:

  • Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Overview
  • Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Overview
  • Review common sensors and actuators
  • Overview of the after-treatments systems for emissions reductions.


Technical:  EVAP Diagnostics

Mark Warren—WorldPac

 Tools and techniques for finding small leaks
EVAP Leak diagnostic process
EVAP Systems Operation and Diagnostics
                Vacuum Decay
                Pressure Decay
                Natural Vacuum Leak Detection


Technical: Basic Hybrid Powertrains and ASE L3 Review

Jack Rosebro—Perfect Sky, Inc

        Continued from morning session


530 – 8:00 PM   Expo / Reception / Silent Auction

Buffett Dinner and no-host bar.  Silent Auction to benefit the ASA AZ Scholarship Fund.  Complete your Bingo card and  be included in the drawing for prizes. (Additional tickets can be purchased for guest)


Sunday, June 12

7:45 – 8:30 AM  Breakfast


8:30 – 11:30 AM  Roundtables

  • Exchange ideas, problems, solutions
  • Elevate the professionalism & integrity of the automotive industry
  • Get motivated to implement changes in your business



Facilitator—Maylan Newton

 Service Advisors

Facilitator—Jeremy O’Neal


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